All the pregnant men in the world now have cause for celebration: Apple has officially released its “Pregnant Man Emoji” to all iOS users. Fret not for those who deem the term “man” still too offensive and non-inclusive; there is also a “pregnant person.”

Naturally, the internet had a field day. “This is so wrong of Apple” wrote one user. “Emoji of a man being pregnant by Apple.” Another asked “Hey @Apple what’s this emoji? A ‘pregnant man’ or are you ‘fat-shaming?”

Others got even more clever, noting that Apple’s actions might be going down a rabbit hole. “So as everybody knows the new emojis are in a pregnant man […] so abortion isn’t only a woman’s issue any longer? It’s not women’s healthcare? Men can have abortions [too]?”

Some users just noted how comical the whole ordeal is. “Is it a pregnant man emoji or just me after an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet?” Another asked “don’t you think it looks like beer belly man?”

Before being available to all users with the iOS 15.4 update, Apple first rolled out the “pregnant man” and “pregnant person” emoji back in January as part of an optional update. 35 new emoticons have been added, including a gender-neutral “person with crown” emoji.