Vice President Kamala Harris will spearhead Joe Biden’s latest effort to curb ‘hate speech’ and illegal activity on social media, unveiling her new ‘Online Policy Task Force’ Thursday from the White House.

“The launch fulfills a pledge Biden made on the campaign trail to convene experts to study online sexual harassment, stalking and nonconsensual pornography, as well as the connection between such abuse and mass shootings and violence against women. The long-awaited initiative begins after massacres in Uvalde, Tex., and Buffalo, which involved attackers with histories of online threats and radicalization,” reports the Washington Post.


“We see this over and over again, we see issues of extremism and how they turn into violence,” a senior White House official told reporters on a call Wednesday evening.

“Vice President Harris, who has worked to address online exploitation throughout her career, is scheduled to unveil the task force at a Thursday White House event, which will convene top administration officials, as well as survivors of online harassment and civil society experts. Once it launches, the task force will have 180 days to create a set of policy recommendations for government, as well as recommendations for tech companies, schools and other entities. It will also make recommendations for additional research and increasing support for victims,” adds the Post.

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