A Ronald McDonald House in British Columbia has sent notices to all tenants stating that anyone over the age of 5 who is unvaccinated at the end of January will be evicted.

As explained by Newsweek, “The Ronald McDonald House Charities, whose largest corporate partner is the McDonald’s restaurant chain, is a nonprofit organization that provides sick children and their families a place to stay close to medical facilities. The charitable organization’s British Columbia and Yukon branch (RMHBC) is located in Vancouver.”

In the notice sent to tenants, RMHBC wrote, “RMHBC recognizes and acts upon its responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy environment including taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect the health and safety of individuals attending at an RMHBC facility, particularly given the vulnerable populations served.”

After a video surfaced online of a father confronting staff about the new policy, in which the father says his child was being evicted due to the “covid cult,” Ronald McDonald House claimed that it would be helping the evicted families find alternative housing.

“Our family services team here would work closely with the team of social workers at the hospital to find alternate accommodation for a family that would meet their needs for the duration of their stay in Vancouver,” it told CityNews.

Ronald McDonald House explained their decision in a statement sent to CityNews.

“On the recommendation of public health, the 14 member Board of Directors made the decision to mandate vaccinations for everyone working, visiting, or staying at RMH BC & Yukon to ensure we meet the highest standards of health and safety and protect the vulnerable population we serve,” the statement said. “We appreciate that this policy will impact those who have made a decision not to vaccinate however, the overall health and welfare of all our residents is our primary concern.”