President Joe Biden’s administration has chosen yet another self-described “Black activist.” The State Department has named Desiree Cormier Smith the first ever special representative for racial equity and justice.

Cormier Smith made controversial statements that white diplomats are overly “protective” of the United States. Additionally, she stated the white individuals also lack the “empathy” of their minority counterparts.

The Washington Free Beacon writes of Cormier Smith’s 2020 statements:

At the time, Smith served as senior policy adviser for Open Society Foundations, the think tank funded by Democratic billionaire donor George Soros. The State Department on Friday announced Smith’s appointment to the post, which was created to “confront systemic racism and injustice around the world.” The State Department described Smith as a “racial justice expert with a deep and steadfast commitment to equity and justice for all.”

Smith may have to temper her racially charged views in her new role. The State Department prohibits statements that show “hostility toward an individual because of his or her race.” Department guidelines also prohibit discriminatory harassment in the form of “racial epithets, ‘jokes,’ offensive or derogatory comments, or other verbal or physical conduct based on an individual’s race/color.”

In an interview with the Black Diplomats podcast, Smith said while she was working as a foreign service officer, her white colleagues displayed an “ownership” mentality when awarding visas to foreign applicants.

White diplomats, Smith said, “were so protective of the United States, and they didn’t want anybody who could sully the image of the United States because it’s this perfect shining city on a hill.”
“We also come with a certain humility that I would say that a lot of white foreign service officers lack,” Smith said of the minority diplomats. “We approached it with so much more empathy.”