Dr. Anthony Fauci threw more cold-water on Americans hoping to return to normal in 2022; saying the United States and Biden administration will never fully “eradicate” COVID despite Joe Biden’s non-stop promises on the campaign trail in 2020.

“So, if we’re going to look ahead at what happens when this peaks and it ultimately goes down — as I’ve said on previous pressers here from the White House: that we’re not going to eradicate this; we’ve only done that with smallpox,” Fauci said.

“[That] only happens with massive vaccination programs like we did with measles and with vaccines,” concluded the senior Biden aide.

“Don’t take this as a signal that we can pull back from the recommendations that you just heard from Dr. [Rochelle] Walensky – about the need for vaccination, for boostering, for wearing masks and all the other CDC recommendations,” Fauci warned.

“I’m not going to shut down the economy, I’m going to shut down the virus,” President Biden said during a 2020 campaign event.

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