Desperate Democrats touted the bipartisan Infrastructure plan Friday as Joe Biden’s domestic agenda disintegrated all around them; including a series of death blows to Build Back Better, election reform bills, and other legislative priorities.

“Exciting news! Thanks to the new infrastructure law, more than $1 billion in federal funding is starting to arrive in Massachusetts to improve our bridges. That means more good-paying jobs, a better transportation system, and a stronger economy,” claimed Elizabeth Warren.

“With the infrastructure bill we passed: More than $27 billion will go to states and tribal governments to fix approximately 15,000 bridges nationwide. This historic investment in our bridges will improve safety, grow the economy, and create jobs across the country,” added Chuck Schumer.

“Today, the Biden-Harris Administration launched the Bridge Formula Program, a historic $27B+ investment to replace, repair, and rehabilitate thousands of bridges nationwide – made possible by @POTUS‘s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” proclaimed the White House.