The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments Thursday about Colorado’s decision to boot Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot because he allegedly incited an “insurrection” against the federal government.

A majority of the Justices appeared skeptical of Colorado’s decision.


“I just finished watching Supreme Court, you know, like to watch in many respects. It’s unfortunate that we have to go through the thing like that,” Trump told journalists at a press briefing at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. “I consider it to be more election interference by the Democrats that’s what they’re doing. Good news is we’re leading virtually every poll.”

You have millions of people that are out there wanting to vote and they happen to want to vote for me or the Republican Party, whatever you want or however you want to phrase it, But I’m the one running and we are leading in every poll,” Trump added.

Watch Trump’s remarks above.