“There is no need to beat around the bush,” said former Iranian politician Ali Motahari as he detailed the terrifying reality that Iran has always had intentions to build a nuclear bomb. Everyone except progressive liberal leadership that continuously attempts to “negotiate” with Iran understands the harsh reality.

Maybe an Iranian official holding no bars and being brutally honest will wake up the delusional left. In an interview with ISCA News, Motahari explained the nuclear bomb was to be used as a “means of intimidation.”

The interview was captured and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). “When we began our nuclear activity, our goal was indeed to build a bomb” he said. “There is no need to beat around the bush.”

The objective of building the bomb was pursued and supported by “the entire regime, or at least, the people who started this activity.” Times of Israel reports that when asked by the interviewer if the people behind Iran’s nuclear program intended to use the bomb, Motahari responded, “no, we wanted to build it as a means of intimidation,” and he used a verse from the Quran, to “strike fear in the hearts of the enemy of Allah.”

Motahari also said Iran failed in not being able to keep its Nuclear Program a secret. “With regard to what we started… If we could have kept it [a secret] until we performed a [nuclear] test, then it would have been a done deal. Like in Pakistan,” he said, arguing that countries like Pakistan and North Korea, believed to possess nuclear bombs, “are taken into consideration” on the global stage.