The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board enraged countless residents across the nation’s second largest city this week, publishing an op-ed that claims students are “fine” with face masks just hours after the mostly mask-free Super Bowl.

“Another consideration is the importance of keeping schools open and having as many students as possible attend. Some parents won’t feel safe sending their kids to mask-free classrooms, and many depend on schools not just for academics but for child care and nutritious meals. If masking keeps schools open, it certainly should be continued,” writes the Times.

“Whatever changes are contemplated, teachers must be part of the discussion. Even though most — and virtually all in Los Angeles Unified — are vaccinated, many feel strongly about preventing breakthrough infections. The pandemic has been hard on teachers, and too many are leaving the field. Ready and qualified replacements aren’t available. Pulling mask mandates from schools may end of hurting students if they’re taught by a constantly rotating lineup of substitutes,” adds the newspaper.

“We would love to see the students’ uncovered faces and allow them to witness the smiles of their classmates and teachers once again. But it would be a serious misstep if the state acted prematurely and put the education of kids and the well-being of schools and communities at risk,” concludes the Editorial Board.

Read the full op-ed here.