Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to relinquish emergency powers this week; admitting the ‘Freedom Trucker’ crisis was mostly over but his expanded federal authority was still necessary.

“The situation is still fragile, the state of emergency is still there,” Trudeau said.

“A flood of misinformation and disinformation washed over Canada, including from foreign sources,” Trudeau said.

“After these illegal blockades and occupations received disturbing amounts of foreign funding to destabilize Canada’s democracy it became clear that local and provincial authorities needed more tools to restore order and keep people safe.”

Police in Ottawa began arresting the truckers last week after Trudeau evoked the ‘Emergency Act,’ a historic move that gave his government the power to detain citizens, seize private property, and freeze bank accounts.


“Even though the blockades are lifted… this state of emergency is not over,” added the Prime Minister.

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