White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to accept any responsibility for the nation’s record-high gas prices this week, instead blaming Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the drastic hike in costs.

“Governor Abbott’s unnecessary and redundant inspections of trucks transiting ports of entry between Texas and Mexico are causing significant disruptions to the food and automobile supply chains, delaying manufacturing, impacting jobs, and raising prices for families in Texas and across the country.,” Psaki said.

“Local businesses and trade associations are calling on Governor Abbott to reverse this decision because trucks are facing lengthy delays exceeding 5 hours at some border crossings and commercial traffic has dropped by as much as 60 percent.  The continuous flow of legitimate trade and travel and CBP’s ability to do its job should not be obstructed. Governor Abbott’s actions are impacting people’s jobs, and the livelihoods of hardworking American families,” added the Biden aide.

Last week, the Republican Governor ordered state officials to use “enhanced safety inspections” for vehicles crossing from Mexico into the United States.

“Price increases, meanwhile, have been an ongoing problem throughout Biden’s presidency, with inflation now reaching a 40-year high. Psaki’s statement blaming Abbott for price increases comes a day after a Labor Department report showed that the consumer price index rose 8.5% over the past 12 months,” reports Fox News.

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