Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi trashed the ‘Pro-Pollution Supreme Court’ Thursday after the Justices struck a crippling blow to Joe Biden’s climate-change agenda; accusing the judges of working to “burn our planet.”

“Today’s ruling by a radical, pro-pollution Supreme Court strikes a severe blow to the @EPA’s authority to do its duty: to protect the environment.   In doing so, the Court has bowed to polluters who seek to poison the air our children breathe & the water they drink with impunity,” posted Pelosi on Twitter hours after the ruling.


“This decision is the latest in the efforts by extremist Republican-appointed Justices to take a wrecking ball to health, liberty & security.   The Court has acted to erase reproductive health freedom, flood our public places with more deadly weapons & now, to let our planet burn,” she added.

“As a radical Republican Party and their henchmen on the Supreme Court continue their all-out assault on our rights and freedoms, @HouseDemocrats will not yield in our fight For The Children, For The Planet and For The People,” concluded the Speaker.