In a recently released poll, the two main issues amongst swing-state voters are the economy and immigration where former President Trump has an overwhelming lead over President Biden.

In the swing-states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania voters trust Trump with the handling of the economy and immigration policy in a double digit lead over President Biden. The Bloomberg/Morning Consult survey also showed Georgia having the largest increase of immigration being the “single most important issue,” while the economy was priority number one for all.

The poll showed the 36% of swing state voters believe the economy was the priority while 13% believe immigration should be the main focus.  The swing-state voters trusted Trump over Biden to handle the economy by 51% to 33% and 52% to 30% on immigration policy.  This is a massive 5 point increase from the last time the poll was conducted in mid-December.

The poll also found that 71% of swing-state voters believe the economy is “going off the wrong track” with a large majority of voters believing that President Biden is also responsible for the dramatic increase in illegal immigration.

In a head-to-head matchup between former President Donald Trump and President Biden,  Trump increased his lead in 6 out of the 7 states by one point to 48% to 42% and dropped 1 point in Arizona but remains ahead of President Biden by 3 points.

In North Carolina, Trump has now increased his lead over Biden by double digits, beating Biden 49% to 39%.