Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly complained this week after a US District Court Judge struck-down the Biden administration’s mask mandate on airplanes, saying he was “disturbed” a court can overrule the CDC.


“Well, I clearly disagree, I mean those types of things should be decided as a public health issue by the public health organizations, in this case the CDC. This is a public health matter, not a judicial matter,” said Fauci during an interview with CBS News.

“So, obviously the CDC will abide by the order of the court because it’s a legal obligation,” he continued. “But one of the problems that we have there is that the principle of a court overruling a public health judgment by a qualified organization like the CDC is disturbing in the precedent in might send,” he added.

“This is either very ignorant or very deceitful from Fauci. Of course it’s CDC’s job, not a judge’s, to make public health policy. That wasn’t what the judge was doing. She was ruling on the legal limits and scope of CDC’s power. And that’s the job of a judge to do, not the CDC,” posted journalist Glenn Greenwald on Twitter shortly after the interview.