Inflation continued to hammer Americans financially this week with new data showing gas prices are now higher than any time in US history.

“Retail gasoline prices in the United States rose on Tuesday and hit another all-time record, surpassing one set in March, as global refineries grappled with a bottleneck that has sent prices soaring ahead of driving season,” reports Reuters.

The average cost per gallon rose to $4.37, smashing the former record price of $4.31.

“Refinery closures due to both scheduled maintenance and unplanned upsets have boosted fuel prices even as the United States and other nations have taken steps to boost worldwide crude supply. Global fuel stockpiles are dwindling as demand has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. Supplies tightened further following the invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions on Russia from the United States and allies,” adds the global news outlet.

In New York City, the average price for a gallon of gasoline jumped to $4.67. Some stations in the Big Apple are already charging $6, according to AAA.

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