Joe Biden -once again- attempted to shake hands with an imaginary person in Israel during his international visit this week, raising even more questions about the mental and physical capacity of the Commander-in-Chief.

“Joe Biden tried to shake hands with empty air again. Only 30 more months, guys,” commented Clay Travis on Twitter.

The President was wrapping up his comments when the bizarre incident occurred.

“I’ve known many of you for a long time.  And all of you, you know that my love for Israel is deep rooted.  I was raised, as we say and you say, by a righteous Christian — my dad.  And I’ve had the honor — it’s hard to say these words — for over 50 years — it can’t be that long — but for over 50 years in the federal government to helping build the relationship.  Fifty years ago, we never had this audience before.  We would not have this audience out here.  We have so many people represented, representing so many different nations and faiths as well.  And it’s important,” said Biden.“Israel and the United States are both places built on hope, grit, and determination.  And I believe, together, we will stay always true to our founding values and that we can help make hope and history rhyme once more.  But this time — this time, in one of the most dysfunctional, in the past, regions of the world where you, again, will be fully integrated and be one of the leaders,” he concluded.

Watch the strange moment above.