The London Marathon race was this past Sunday and during an interview with a BBC reporter, a trans runner Glenique Frank, 52, beat 14,000 actual women in the competition and made headlines because he was wearing a sports bra and flexed his biceps on camera.

On November 6th last year, Frank entered the New York City Marathon and ran as a man, but this past weekend he ran the London Marathon as a woman.  He has competed in 17 marathons and plans to run many more but its unclear which sex he will run as.

“Girl power!” he shouted during the interview while showing off his muscular physique.  According to the New York Post, his social media accounts show him running numerous races before as a balding man.

During the interview with the BBC reporter, Frank was very excited about the news of his “beautiful son” expecting a child.

“So I’m going to be a gran — Granny G!” he proclaimed while being draped in a transgender flag upon completion of the race.

Meanwhile, many other athletes were upset that he was able to switch sexes in various running events.

According to Olympic marathoner Mara Yamauchi. “Males in the [female] category is UNFAIR for females,” she said in a tweet.

“This male ran in yesterday’s #LondonMarathon as Glenique Frank in the female category (Mass race) finishing in 6160th place out of 20123. So nearly 14,000 actual females suffered a worse finish position bc of him,” she said and reiterated when she “ranked second in the world” as a biological woman “at least 1300 men ran faster than me.”

UK Athletics have adopted the World Athletics’ rules on the ability for transgender women to compete in elite competitions which would make it “fair for athletes who have gone through male puberty to be excluded from the female category in athletics.”  For the people who have already entered the races before the ruling, they were allowed to compete.

In an interview with the Telegraph Sport, Yamauchi said “This male competed under UK Athletics’ transitional arrangements, but it is still wrong and unfair.”

The Telegraph also reported in more detail on the marathon adding, “In this month’s Manchester Marathon, there were at least two biological males running as females. One, marking a ‘last ever UK marathon as an official lady’, told the 73 per cent of women beaten to “eat my dust”, while wearing a pink T-shirt with the message ‘F— UK Athletics’, after the national governing body chose to protect fairness for women in sport.”

“While most transgender controversies in sport are restricted to the elite level, Yamauchi is adamant that the Frank case should not be ignored. ‘Some people say that if males are on the podium, it matters, but not if they finish lower down,’ she added. ‘What this effectively says is that women and girls who are not that good at sport don’t deserve fairness, which I think is appalling.”

The New York Post reached out to Frank for comment regarding the backlash and he responded “Apparently I’ve stirred up the hornets’ nest.”