The House Oversight Panel released a transcript of its interview with Devon Archer -Hunter Biden’s former business partner- Thursday, showing the associate used the Biden family as “leverage” with foreign clients.

According to Archer, Hunter Biden used his “powerful” last name to “add value” in securing overseas ventures.

“Defensive leverage that the value is there in his work,” Archer said.

“The value that Hunter Biden brought to it was having—you know, there was—the theoretical was corporate governance, but obviously, given the brand, that was a large part of the value,” he continued. “I don’t think it was the sole value, but I do think that was a key component of the value.”

“You aren’t talking about Dr. Jill or anybody else. You’re talking about Joe Biden. Is that fair to say?” Archer was asked.

“Yeah, that’s fair to say…Obviously, that brought the most value to the brand…It was Hunter Biden and him,” Archer said. “We would discuss having, you know, an understanding of D.C. and that was a differentiating component of us being able to raise capital,” he responded.

Archer added, “It wasn’t as specific as, you know…the vice president’s son, but obviously, the brand carried.”

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