Former President Donald Trump blasted criminal justice officials in New York City Tuesday, saying prosecutors are “too busy on Donald” to focus on rape, murder, and other violent felonies.

From the Desk of Donald Trump:

Murder and Violent Crime is at an all time high in NYC, and the D.A.’s office has spent almost all of its time & money fighting a political Witch Hunt for D.C. against “Trump” over Fringe Benefits, something that in the history of our Country, has never been so tried in Court before. Two weeks at trial, yet no MURDER CASE has gone to trial in 6 years, much to the consternation of victims mothers and families who are devastated that NOTHING is being done to bring JUSTICE. Too busy on “Donald.”

The respected Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, when asked on NBC Fake NEWS what she would do about the Mar-a-Lago Boxes Hoax, smiled & laughed along with the studio audience, responding, “Please don’t do that.” In other words, she viewed this investigation as a “joke.” Under the Presidential Records Act which governs, you negotiate, but there is no crime. Under the Clinton Socks Case, taking records is allowed by law. This is a continuation of the greatest WITCH HUNT of all time!