Former President Donald Trump called-out the Manhattan District Attorney’s office Friday, blasting progressive prosecutors for allowing crime in New York City to reach an “all time high.”

The D.A. case against two small Trump entities has fallen apart. Even the Media is saying so. There has never been a “Fringe Benefits” case such as this brought before. Did a long time executive pay tax on the use of a company car, or a company apartment, or payments (not even taken by us as a tax deduction!) for the education of his grandchildren? For this, he gets handcuffs and jail? The highly paid accounting firm should have routinely picked these things up – we relied on them. VERY UNFAIR!

…Many people, perhaps most, don’t pay tax on the use of a company car or company apartment. Whether they know or not, that’s just the way it is. It’s called “standards and practices,” referring, I presume, to the standards and practices of large numbers of people within the Country. Out of fairness, it has a legal meaning. It should be a point in the Manhattan D.A. case. Did the former D.A. Pay tax on the use of his car? In the meantime, Violent Crime in New York has reached an ALL TIME HIGH!