Former President Donald Trump called-out Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Truth Social Monday; labeling the top Republican a “stone cold crook.”

From the Desk of Donald J Trump:

Mitch McConnell is either the WORST negotiator in the history of politics, or a stone cold CROOK. There can be no other explanation as to why he has become such a rubber stamp for the Democrats. Republicans, use Debt Ceiling to get it all back!

I’ve got a 75 year old man, who has NEVER been in trouble before, sitting in PRISON over not paying a small tax on the use of a company apartment, a company car, or his grandchildrens education, etc., while drug dealers & murderers freely roam the sidewalks of New York, with nothing being done to stop them. Crime, in fact, is at an all time high! The Radical Left Democrats put him there. 90 days in jail, or 10 years (life!), depending on what you say about “Trump.” Our Country is going to Hell!

Does Coco Chow have anything to do with Joe Biden’s Classified Documents being sent and stored in Chinatown? Her husband, the Old Broken Crow, is VERY close to Biden, the Democrats, and, of course, China. He gives them all whatever they want!