Donald Trump ripped ‘Racist Attorney General Letitia James’ on Truth Social Tuesday; claiming the state’s top law enforcement official simply “smirks in court” while New York crumbles under a historic crime wave.

From the Desk of Donald Trump:

Racist A.G. Letitia James is smirking all day long from her seat in Court, as New York continues to set records in murder and other violent crimes, and businesses flee to other States. “This is a law that’s rather bazar, this is a law that doesn’t require any victims (there are none, except me!), it doesn’t require anyone to lose money – the banks didn’t complain here, they made money. You have a (Trump Hating!) Attorney General who’s seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages when not a single penny was lost by these banks, and that’s part of this (Unconstitutional!) Law…You can see from the reaction of A.G. James, every morning from that seat, that she is enjoying this, enjoying it a bit too much.” Law Professor Jonathan Turley. THIS LAW HAS NEVER BEEN USED FOR THIS BEFORE. It is both Unconstitutional and very UNFAIR! No businesses will come to New York, only continue to leave. The whole case is RIGGED from D.C. It is ELECTION INTERFERENCE. OUR COUNTRY IS BROKEN & CORRUPT!!!