McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski blasted Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago this week, saying it’s getting more and more difficult to operate restaurants as violence, drugs, and homelessness surge throughout the Windy City.


Crime is “seeping into every corner of our city,” Kempczinski said during an event at the Economic Club of Chicago Wednesday.


“Everywhere I go, I’m confronted by the same question these days — what’s going on in Chicago? While it may wound our civic pride to hear it, there is a general sense out there that our city is in crisis.”


“We have violent crime that’s happening in our restaurants … we’re seeing homelessness issues in our restaurants. We’re having drug overdoses that are happening in our restaurants,” he remarked. “So we see in our restaurants, every single day, what’s happening in society at large.”

“For McDonald’s, though, the issue isn’t just about conditions in stores — it’s also about recruiting leaders to the company’s headquarters and convincing corporate workers to return to the office,” the Executive said.

“It’s more difficult today for me to convince a promising McDonald’s executive to relocate to Chicago from one of our other offices than it was just a few years ago,” he explained. “It’s more difficult for me to recruit a new employee to McDonald’s, to join us in Chicago than it was in the past.”