Dr. Robert Malone spoke with Joe ‘Pags’ Pagliarulo this week to discuss the Left’s all-out assault on Free Speech; exposing who really has their claws in Spotify and why they are desperate to silence Joe Rogan.

“Because of you appearing, artists want to take their music off Spotify. Their claim is that Joe Rogan is spreading misinformation,” said Pags. “What is their mechanism? They don’t think of this themselves.”

“That’s the big ‘how’ question. There’s also the big ‘why’ question. There is a hidden hand behind this… If you analyze the language used, it’s not the standard language you would expect,” responded Malone.

“My take on all of this is that we’re getting distracted by theatrics… I think it is useful to apply the standard approach and follow the money,” he added.

Watch Malone’s comments above.