Pennsylvania Senatorial Candidate Kathy Barnette spoke with Joe ‘Pags’ Pagliarulo Friday to discuss her growing campaign; saying voters in her state have had enough with “classic politicians” from both parties.

“She’s making waves in Pennsylvania… When I saw the debate the other night, many people started tweeting about you. You’re in a dead heat for first place. Did you think that you’d be doing this well?” asked Pags.

“I would not be sitting here if I did not think I could win. People don’t understand what people in Pennsylvania are going through. I am Pennsylvania. I know what they are feeling. Right now we believe our nation is being ran wrong. Something wrong has taken place,” said Barnette.

“People are not looking for another politician. They want authenticity. They want someone to be their voice. I know that,” she added.

“I’ve spent less than $2 million on my entire campaign,” explained the candidate.

Watch Barnette’s comments above.