Clinical psychologist Dr. Katherine Kuhlman stopped by The Joe Pags Show this week to discuss the collective liberal meltdown over Roe V Wade; saying progressives have suffered a severe psychological setback over an impending Supreme Court decision.

“Everybody seems to be lying about Roe V Wade. Those of us who understand it, we know this will not make abortion illegal,” said Joe ‘Pags’ Pagliarulo. “You know that they’re lying about it. How do you get the real truth out there?”

“People need to read-in to the facts of what they’re looking at,” said Kuhlman. “The left has an ideology and they kick and scream and then it becomes group think. The people have no idea what they’re rooting against. They have no clue.”

“They haven’t read Roe V Wade. They haven’t read the leak. Unless you’ve read both of those, your opinion means nothing to me,” she added.

Watch the discussion above.