HOUR 1: Pags Shines a Spotlight on America’s Rising Crime Wave: Walgreens Forced to Close Doors Near Boston Amidst Rampant Criminal Activity.
PLUS – Border Crisis Sparks Heated Divide: Pags Explores Divergent Opinions in Congress and Among the American People.

HOUR 2: Congressional Clash: Pags Explores MTG vs. Ilhan Omar’s Controversial Remarks, Sparks Debate Over Support for Somalia.
PLUS – Legal Insights Unveiled: Pags Dives into E. Jean Carroll Case, Fani Willis’ Dilemma, Hunter Biden Updates, and More with Mike Davis

HOUR 3: Breaking: Bipartisan Support as 59 Democrats Join Republicans to Pass Bill for Deportation of Illegal Immigrants with DUIs, Pags Explains the Move’s Rationality for the American People.

PLUS – Pags Explores the Oreo vs. Statins Debate with Investigative Journalist Tracy Beanz: Are Oreos Really Better at Lowering Cholesterol? AND, an Update on Missouri v Biden.