Joe Pags got into a heated exchange with a Nevada caller this week over the state’s ridiculous law that allows votes to be counted four days after Election Day.

“You are really irritating me today! In 2020, Nevada passed a law that every voter gets a mail-in ballot. That is Nevada law!” said one caller. “You should know this! We have four days to count these ballots!”

“Are you done?? Why the hell would anyone in Nevada vote for a legislature that would let you take ballots four days after the end of Election Day?” asked Pagliarulo.

“It’s ridiculous! It’s your fault that you’ve got a legislature that allows this crap!” he explained. “I want you to fix your election laws! I think this is a bogus, opening for fraud in your elections. I disagree with your state law. I hate it. I think it’s horrible!”

Watch the heated exchange above.