Chief Reporter for Sheila Gunn Reid stopped by the Joe Pags Show this week to discuss Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; saying the liberal leader is “emotionally unstable” and does “crazy things.”

“Justin Trudeau appears to be nuts… He’s smooth and suave. He reminds me of Gavin Newsom. I really think he believes he was anointed by a King of a Queen. Am I right?” asked Pags.

“Trudeau is exactly the way you say. He’s emotionally unstable. He says crazy things. He says Unconstitutional things. He really thinks this is his birthright because his dad was the Prime Minister,” said Reid.

“He gets to be Prime Minister by doing things to us and against our will,” she explained. “We basically have two or three regions of the country that control everything… We are controlled by Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. Those places decide the fate of the country.”

Watch Reid’s comments above.