NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is making waves in the world of vaccination mandates versus science. The Green Bay Packers quarterback has been public about not receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. He also recently came down with the virus and recovered from it.

In an interview on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers shut down all critics swiftly. Rodgers was asked directly about the attacks on him. The host asked if the quarterback has ever wanted to confront “some of these blue checkmarks that are attacking” him on social media?

Confront is just what Rodgers did. “When did Freedom of Speech – when did we lose the ability to respect somebody’s opinion?…my thoughts are just my own opinion on this matter [COVID-19]” answered Rodgers.

The quarterback then dropped a little NFL behind-the-scenes insight. “I do know behind the scenes, this is 100 percent true, there are many teams who are using or recommending a lot of the same treatments that I got for their players,” he said.

“There are treatments being talked about behind closed doors, but publicly, I don’t understand why we can’t talk about treatments” he added. Rodgers then dropped a truth bomb majority of Americans have been having to combat. “If science can’t be questioned, it’s not science any more – it’s propaganda” he added.

“That’s the truth. When someone comes out with a scientific study, what do they always say? They say it’s a peer review. What does that mean? It means people in the same field have gone through it, questioned the hypothesis, questioned the research, and looked it up to see if this research stands up. That’s what science is all about” he continued.

“When did science become this blind agreement and not having any debate over what can actually heal people?” Rodgers stated. But wait, there’s more that Rodgers stood up for. He took aim at the behavior towards the vaccinated versus unvaccinated.

“What I don’t understand – it makes no sense to me to continue to spread this narrative that non-vaccinated players are more dangerous or these super-spreaders. I don’t understand why there is still this two-class system that exists in our league” said the quarterback.