Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm enraged millions of Americans Thursday when she confirmed that “this summer is going to be rough” for drivers across the USA as gas prices topped $5 a gallon.


“Yeah, this summer is going to be rough,” she responded. “I’ll just be honest with you. The Energy Information [Administration], which is the entity that projects forward the price of gas the price of oil, has said that by the fall, it should be down to $4.27 a gallon, and by late this year, early next year, it’ll be down to 4 maybe under 4, maybe high $3 a gallon.”

“So there will be some relief on the horizon, but during the summer driving season, it is going to be rough, no doubt about it because we have such a demand and supply mismatch on the global market for oil,” she added.

Granholm tweeted a video Tuesday blaming the historically high gas prices on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.


Watch Granholm’s comments above.