The official Twitter account for the House Democrats faced a brutal backlash on social media Thursday after suggesting all “semi-automatic rifles” in America should be subjected to new rules and regulations to limit mass shootings.

“Semiautomatic rifles are weapons of war. Refusing to act and save lives in this moment is an immoral abandonment of your constitutional duty,” House Democrats tweeted on Wednesday.


“That same day House lawmakers voted on party lines to pass new gun control legislation, although as written it has little chance of clearing the Senate. The bill would prohibit the sale of ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds. It would also include incentives to increase safe gun storage devices and craft new criminal penalties if a gun is not properly stored and then acquired by a minor with the intent to inflict harm,” reports Fox News.

“The Second Amendment specifically protects the right of the people to possess weapons of war. That’s literally why it exists,” Justin Amash, a libertarian former member of Congress, explained.


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