Donald Trump blasted officials in New York City Thursday, saying two cases making their way through the Empire State’s judicial system are a “disgrace that never should have been brought.”

“Despite producing tens of thousands of JOBS and such important and lasting structures in New York City, it is said that I will never be able to get a fair trial there. Well, we will soon see, because this case against two companies is a disgrace that should never have been brought, and has been totally DISPROVEN. Even prosecutors quit the D.A.s Office because they thought it was so unfair. Such a case has never even been brought! before. Justice in America!!!” posted Trump on Truth social.

“The story in AP, written by the untalented and very unreliable Jill Colvin, who I unfortunately got to know at the White House, is Fake News. We have very strong security, especially with the extremely talented Secret Service Agents on premises, but when I know someone, as I did Ye, we’re not going to have my guests strip searched, thrown against walls, and otherwise physically beaten. The anonymous sources don’t exist. Stories to the contrary are FAKE NEWS!” he added.