Joe Pagliarulo weighed-in this week on the growing trend for a $25/hour minimum wage in the United States; saying no one is entitled to a job that will “pay all your bills.”

“This idea of a minimum wage shows up on social media. It’s this revolving story… People want mandatory $15 an hour… Now it’s $25,” said Pags.

“Let me say this very directly. The minimum wage should be $0.00. That’s the minimum wage,” he explained. “It should be zero. In free market economies, you let the market set the price. If you can hire people for $5 an hour, do it.”

“The fact that there’s even a minimum wage makes me crazy. Companies have to pay what people demand. If the demand is $15, then that’s what you’re going to have to pay,” added Pagliarulo.

“To just pull a number out of nowhere is just stupid,” he concluded.

Watch Pags’ comments above.